3 strategies to create a SIX-FIGURE photography business.

And how I took a single photography session from $200 to $8500.

I will show you:

  • ​How to find your niche market.
  • ​How to nail the emotional sale.
  • ​The power of specializing.
Find your niche market
If you aren't making the income you know you are capable of, you most likely aren't attracting the right clients. I will show you exactly how I found my perfect client.
 How to nail the emotional sale
Allowing your customers to view their images before they order will make all the difference. I will show you my pricing strategy and show why it has worked for me.
The power of specializing
Specializing is SO important in the photography world, I will tell you exactly why you must set yourself apart and how to show your clients what you are capable of. 
Here's What Others Have Said About Working With Me...
Angie is not only an amazing photographer, she is an amazing business woman!
"I was able to change my prices, find new clients and completely change my business!!"

- By Marie Carmel Photography

And Why Is She The Right Person To Help You?
Angie is a world renowned family photographer that has been in business since 2000. She has discovered how to deliver emotive images that speak to her clients while building the business of her dreams. 

Angie will teach you to truly believe in yourself so that you can charge what you're worth and to stop comparing yourself to other photographers!

When Angie isn't running her photography business she is traveling the world, hiking, roller skating, or play with her three amazing kiddos. 

Angie is passionate about helping others to believe in themselves.  She has learned  on her entrepreneurial journey that we are the only ones in the way of accomplishing our dreams. 

What others are saying about Angie's courses:

Angie's knowledge of photography is one thing, but learning how to build a profitable business is GOLD! Knowledge is confidence- and just ONE new client following Angie's suggestions pays for the course and more!
– Anna Macfarlane
Angie's courses have been a wonderful tool for my business. Her professionalism and experience really  have been influential for me as a photographer. I especially love her teaching style- so relatable and easy to apply!

-Joanne Csakany
Angie's work has inspired me for years... and then meeting her at a photography workshop she was leading sealed the deal. The authentic, truly "real" way she connects  with her clients has truly changed the way I work. Her courses have been amazing tools for my business. Her willingness to share everything she has learned over the years is such a blessing- she truly embodies "community over competition". 

-Tracy VanDover
Angie's courses have helped me learn my own value and feel confident enough to price my photo sessions to reflect that value. I also have learned how to take authentic photographs that speak to my clients that they will cherish for years to come. I also love how engaging and fun her courses are!

-McCauley Finnegan
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